Trauma-Informed Wales Framework

We have collaborated with Traumatic Stress Wales to develop a National Trauma Practice Framework for Wales, inclusive of people of all ages, from children and young people right through to older adults. This Framework has been co-produced with people and organisations across Wales, with an expert reference group of professionals and people with lived experience and a public consultation. The Framework is supported by the Welsh Government.

The aim of the framework is to help people, organisations and systems to prevent adversity and trauma and their associated negative effects. It will facilitate the development of a whole systems approach to supporting the needs of people who have experienced adversity and trauma and seeks to bring consistency and coherence to support that effort and ensure that it meets the needs of people affected by trauma.

This extends from the need for empathic, compassionate responses across all Welsh society and more acute and specialist interventions that may be required to support those who have clinical needs following experiences of trauma. The Framework provides agreed definitions and a consistency of understanding of what is meant by the different levels of practice in preventing adversity and trauma and supporting people affected by it.


Trauma-Informed Wales

A Societal Approach to Understanding, Preventing and Supporting the Impacts of Trauma and Adversity

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