TrACE Toolkit

Everyone has a role to play in Wales becoming an ACE and trauma-informed nation. The TrACE toolkit has been developed as a resource to support people, organisations, sectors and systems to develop their own ACE and trauma-informed approach. It focuses on building into, not onto, existing good practice and identifying where improvements and changes can be made to polices, practice, culture and environment.

Our TrACE Toolkit is a practical guide to support organisations to embed ACE Awareness and Trauma-Informed Practice. The toolkit aims to support organisations to reflect on current culture, practice and process and identify activity to implement more trauma-informed and trauma responsive approaches, resulting in increased ownership for transformational change within their setting.

TrACE Toolkit

Download the range of tools to help you get started here

TrACE Toolkit

We have worked with organisations to pilot our TrACE Toolkit and this has given us good insight into what works to effect the culture shift required to truly embed a TrACE informed approach .

Listen to our webinar below where we hear from some of the pilot organisations, where they discuss the need for a long term commitment to change and some practical actions to facilitate this.

TrACE Toolkit

Our TrACE Toolkit has a range of tools to help any person, organisation, sector or system to reflect on their current practice and develop strategies to strengthen ACE and Trauma-informed approaches.

We are developing a community of practice that will help us to co develop and co-produce additional resources. See below for what is available now as a core set of tools and guides to support implementation

  • Guidance Document

    The guidance document outlines how best to begin the TrACE process. Read this first

  • Readiness Checklist

    This checklist will help organisations discover how ready they are to begin the process. It asks organisations to consider their progress on the journey so far, commitment from the organisation and resources to undertake the work

  • Self Assessment

    This is is to help you reflect and understand the progress your organisation is making in embedding TrACE informed practice. The tool should assist in identifying strengths and successes, whilst also highlighting opportunities for improvement.

  • Action Plan

    Action planning will help organisations to prioritise the actions identified from the self assessment process and can help to put the strategies into place

Check out our latest TrACE resources below!

Guidance for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice

Download the Guidance!

Guidance for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice

Substance Misuse TrACE Toolkit Evaluation Report: Webinar

View the launch of the Substance Misuse TrACE Toolkit Evaluation Report!

Launch of the Substance Misuse TrACE Toolkit Evaluation Report

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