All Wales Trauma-Informed Organisation Training

Guide & Video

Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Organisation training

This training package has been produced by Barnardo’s Cymru with funding from Welsh Government. It is aligned to the Welsh Trauma Framework to support a coherent, consistent approach to developing and implementing trauma-informed practice across Wales.
The training has been specifically developed in partnership with and for smaller community organisations which make a significant contribution to supporting people in Wales, however, it can be utilised by any organisation wishing to embark on the journey to becoming trauma-informed.
Whether you support children, young people or adult’s, a trauma-informed approach will do no harm and can promote healing and recovery for all. The training embodies the knowledge that trauma can be experienced by all and the approach includes how organisations support and value their staff as well as service users.

This page will give you all the information you need to progress with the resources in your own time. You will find the resources above to download when you have read the below information and are ready to start.

Training Aims

The Training aims are to:

  • Better understand adversity and trauma and its impact across one’s life

  • Understand the key elements of a trauma-informed approach

  • Recognise the significance of organisational culture and beliefs

  • Understand the key principles of becoming a trauma-informed organisation

  • Understand how to implement trauma-informed approaches and principles into your organisation

  • Plan the next steps on your organisation’s journey towards becoming trauma-informed

The training consists of videos and a workbook and are available in English and Welsh. We recommend watching the videos in order, as each chapter builds your knowledge to support progress. Watching the video first and then using the relevant sections in the Workbook will facilitate your reflection and learning.

The training may seem like a large resource and a bit daunting, but it is broken down into bite-sized Chapters so take your time in exploring each section.

We really hope you find this training useful, it could be the start of an exciting journey for your organisation.